Dark times in Turkey in the December 2012 SpamRankings.net

#1 AS 8685 DORUKNET, #3 AS 42910 SADECEHOSTING-COM, and #5 AS 34984 TELLCOM-AS all ran up in the last two weeks, and all three show darkmailer2. December 2012 Turkey SpamRankings.net from CBL data December 2012 SpamRankings.net for Turkey Turkey.

DORUKNET sent a third of all top 10 spam from Turkey to rank number 1, but SADECEHOSTING-COM wins most worsened, for jumping up 21 ranks from 24 to 3, by sending more than 300 times as much spam as the previous month. #8 AS 39582 GRID and #9 AS 43391 NETDIREKT-TR both jumped up 25 ranks, but each managed “only” less than 100 times as much spam as last month.

AS 44922 MEDYABIM-AS gets most improved for actually going to zero, even though it had already spammed enough to keep it at #4. #6 AS 34619 tried to zero, but got to spamming again. AS 8386 KOCNET looks like it’s finally getting a grip, improving from #2 to #7, sending about a third as many spam messages as the previous month.

Special congratulations to AS 44565 VITAL for a huge improvement! Congratulations to Niobe, Dogan, and Kibris for improving. And boo to TurkNet for actually spamming more even though it got pushed down out of the top 10.