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Real Fast Broadband

OK, I think I saw some confirming comments about my interpretation of Softbank ADSL’s 50Mbps for $25/mo. offering.

For those who don’t read Japanese, Try this.

Meanwhile, NTT has decided to get more subscribers than Yahoo Japan by using Fiber to the Home (FTTH). How fast is that? $100Mbps for $31/month.

Show me any U.S. city where individuals can by Internet access at speeds anywhere near that for prices anywhere like that.

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Real Broadband

Somebody who reads Japanese, please tell me if this says what I think it says: Softbank ADSL. Looks to me like ADSL at 8Mbps, 12, 26, and 50Mbps.

Here on the drilldown it seems to say 50Mbps is going for 2,725 yen a month, which would be less than $25/month. There’s a parenthetical charge that’s about the same, and a mention of NTT, but even if that’s twice as much total, $50/month for 50Mbps wouldn’t be a bad deal.

And can somebody who reads English show me where I can get a similar deal in the U.S.?