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Count ‘Em All By Hand

ButchHancock.gif I admire Matt Blaze, and I only hope he was being sarcastic in the entire post in which, after pointing out that California just decertified three major voting machine manufacturors due to massive security problems, he wrote:
How to build secure systems out of insecure components is a tough problem in general, but of huge practical importance here, since we can’t exactly stop holding elections until the technology is ready.

The best defense: Ad hominem security engineering. Matt Blaze, Exhaustive Search, 6 August 2007

Well, yes, yes we can. Continue reading

Tea Time in America (Business Time in India)

Gartner is shocked! shocked, I tell you! to discover that there is offshoring from the U.S. to India and China.

This is a wake-up call. Unfortunately, it’s a wake-up call coming at tea-time. Apparently, Gartner doesn’t get the phone calls and emails from offshoring companies I do — about four cold-calls and a half-dozen emails per week. They also stagger easier than I do. Sixteen percent is very good. It is not staggering.

Gartner Discovers Offshoring, mordaxus, Emergent Chaos, 25 April 2007

Sounds like Gartner is about as perceptive as the U.S. press in general was about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

A college student who turned in their papers after the test was over would probably flunk. It doesn’t seem like good risk management for analysts or countries, either.