Data, Reputation, and Certification Against Spam

I’m giving a talk today at the Internet2 workshop on Collaborative Data-Driven Security for High Performance Networks at WUSTL, St. Louis, MO. You can follow along with the PDF.

There may be some twittering on #DDCSW.


5 thoughts on “Data, Reputation, and Certification Against Spam

  1. John Quarterman

    Stefan Frei, Secunia
    The security of end-user PCs — an empirical analysis, is destroying our preconceptions: the worst unpatched software is not from Microsoft. MSFT has more or less gotten its act together with automated updates. The biggest offenders (on MSFT platforms) are: firefox, safari, Java, and Chrome.
    Secunia PSI is offering a patch update service for non-MSFT software.

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