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China does not lead Country Rankings from

An area where China does not lead the world: Country rankings by China is only #13, but Brazil, Russia, and India (the other three BRICs) are in the top five countries by total spam messages for October 2011. U.S. is #10.

Vietnam came from behind a few months ago to place second for October.

Brazil had slumped as low as #6 in July, but has pulled back up into the leading pack.

After the top five, it’s a long-tail distribution indeed. Continue reading

What is IPWORLDNET and why is it spamming from Canada?

In the October for Canada (from CBL data), IPWORLDNET is that big blue molar tooth in the graph on the right. In the interactive chart you can see IPWORLDNET’s Autonomous System (AS) 19875 winning the month with two bursts of spam, and then dropping almost to zero.

That’s not the only spamming churn activity in Canada for October. The log chart shows MetroBridge Networks Corporation AS 25976 METROBRIDGE-NET jumping up from zero to take ninth place. It looks like one organization may have cleaned up its act while another got infested.

Last month’s winner, Canaca-com’s AS 33139 CANACA-210, came in second. From there down it’s mostly the usual suspects in slightly different orders. Interestingly, longterm winner Bell Canada’s AS 577 BACOM only came in fourth. This is unusual for a national telco. Maybe they’re watching the rankings?


Big Churn in the U.S. in October

Big churn in the U.S. for October 2011 in included last month’s winner by spam volume vanishing, Comcast retaking the top spot but with only 2 out of the top 10, and colo AS 30058 joining in at number ten.

All that and Numbers 2 and 3 didn’t even place last month. #3 AS 25653 FORTRESSITX jumped up from about a thousand spam messages a day to more than 200,000 and then back down. #2 AS 23376 APPSERVE came up from zero on 11 October to more than 225,000, dropped back briefly to zero on 22 October, and then resumed at around 65,000 a day. Both of those cases look suspiciously like single botnet infestations.

Comcast may be making some effort to reduce outbound spam. In July Comcast held 5 out of the top 10 US rankings; in August it held 4, in September it held 3, and in October only 2.