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DorukNet outspammed Turkey again in January 2013 SpamRankings.net

DorukNet logo For two months in a row, DorukNet’s AS 8685 has spammed the most in the January 2013 SpamRankings.net for Turkey Turkey from CBL data. 2011 March-April, AS 8685 DORUKNET, Turkey, SpamRankings.net Before that, it was #6 in November 2012 and also #6 April 2011.

In April 2011 the problem was apparently Lethic with a max of 87,852 on 1 April 2011. DorukNet seemed to have a bit of maazben, cutwail, etc. at that time, but very little compared to Lethic.

2012 November, AS 8685 DORUKNET, Turkey, SpamRankings.net

In November 2012 the problem was apparently Kelihos with a max of 299,873 on 7 November 2012.

This recent DorukNet peak that looks like Mt. Ararat was up to 13,569,282 on 18 January 2013, apparently from darkmailer2. DorukNet is actually improving since that peak, but meanwhile it managed to increase its December spam total of 54,803,032 to 324,544,788 in January 2013.

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Darkmailer2 month in Canada December 2012 SpamRankings.net

December 2012 Canada SpamRankings.net from CBL data It’s apparently Darkmailer2 month in Canada. One company got a grip on it, and two got much worse, in the December 2012 SpamRankings.net for Canada Canada.

AS 7788 MAGMA-COMM, bought in 2004 by PRIMUS Telecommunications Group, peaked in the second week and then got a grip on its darkmailer2 spamming. AS 11342 PATHWAY really gave AS 32613 IWEB-AS a run for its money; both seem to have a darkmailer2 problem. Pathway went from 2,871 spam messages seen by CBL in November 2012 to 21,593,775 in December 2012: that’s 7,521 times. However, iWeb once again won the spam-spewing month in Canada!

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Dark times in Turkey in the December 2012 SpamRankings.net

#1 AS 8685 DORUKNET, #3 AS 42910 SADECEHOSTING-COM, and #5 AS 34984 TELLCOM-AS all ran up in the last two weeks, and all three show darkmailer2. December 2012 Turkey SpamRankings.net from CBL data December 2012 SpamRankings.net for Turkey Turkey.

DORUKNET sent a third of all top 10 spam from Turkey to rank number 1, but SADECEHOSTING-COM wins most worsened, for jumping up 21 ranks from 24 to 3, by sending more than 300 times as much spam as the previous month. #8 AS 39582 GRID and #9 AS 43391 NETDIREKT-TR both jumped up 25 ranks, but each managed “only” less than 100 times as much spam as last month.

AS 44922 MEDYABIM-AS gets most improved for actually going to zero, even though it had already spammed enough to keep it at #4. #6 AS 34619 tried to zero, but got to spamming again. AS 8386 KOCNET looks like it’s finally getting a grip, improving from #2 to #7, sending about a third as many spam messages as the previous month.

Special congratulations to AS 44565 VITAL for a huge improvement! Congratulations to Niobe, Dogan, and Kibris for improving. And boo to TurkNet for actually spamming more even though it got pushed down out of the top 10.