Medical churn in December 2012

Good (Konkuk), improving (Cornell), and bad (eHealth) in the December 2012 country medical

First the good news: Konkuk University Hospital went from 297 spam messages last month to zero in December 2012, removing Korea Korea from the country medical rankings. Children’s Hospital & Health System and THE GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL OF LEBANON PENNSYLVANIA also went to zero, and Yale-New Haven Health Services Corporation and Sutter Health dropped enough to fall out of the world top 10 medical ASNs emitting spam in

Now the apparently bad news that turned good. Joan and Sanford I. Weill Medical College and Graduate School of Medical Sciences of Cornell University‘s AS 20252 JSIWMC spammed more than 14 times as much spam this month and handily retained first place among medical organizations that show outbound spam in the CBL blocklists for December 2012. How is there good news in that? JSIWMC may have kicked its spamming habit at the end of the month, when it went to zero. Not just any habit, either: JSIWMC appears to have ejected Kelihos, so it can be done.

The apparently good news that wasn’t, really, is that AS 32677 Dekalb Medical Center improved from #5 to #6, but it actually spewed six times more spam this month, 2,156 compared to 348. It ranked better only because others got even worse.

And now the plain old bad news. Three new U.S. U.S. entrants came up from nowhere, #4 Rapid City Regional Hospital, #9 Oakwood Healthcare, and #10 CATHOLIC HEALTH INITIATIVES. At least one of them seems to be infested by Kelihos. Belgium Belgium’s WIN spewed almost six times as much spam, even though it remained #3.

AS 21992 eHealth Ontario Worst prize goes to #2 AS 21992 eHealth Ontario, which spewed 75 times more spam and pushed Canada Canada to #2 in the country medical rankings. And almost all in two weeks! The only bright spot was that it’s apparent Kelihos infection seemed to be improving towards the end of the month.