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No Festi dip in LACNIC, July 2012 SpamRankings.net

There was a dip in volume from the top 20 Festi-infested ASNs starting about 15 July 2012, bottoming out 21 July 2012, except one region’s ASNs did not dip.

Festi top 20

The three Latin American ASNs in the Festi botnet top 20 spammers did not dip:

Those are the only three LACNIC ASNs in the top 20 ASNs for Festi. Perhaps NIC policies matter? Or maybe it’s something in regional national infosec policies? It could still be national infosec policies, but why were all the other big Brazilian ASNs not Festi-infested?

But wait! Two others also did not dip:

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Transparency in Rome

Here’s my presentation, Transparency as Incentive for Internet Security: Organizational Layers for Reputation, from RIPE 61 in Rome. This presentation summarizes the two previous RIPE Labs papers about proposed new organizational layers and outbound spam ranking experiments.

RIPE-NCC is the oldest of the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), and RIPE is the deliberately unorganized association of interested parties that meets twice a year and holds discussions online in between. It’s a mix of operations, research, and socializing. Topics range from obscure details of deploying IPv6 to organizational proposals such as what I was talking about. 430 people attended the meeting in Rome, which was quite a few more than the dozen or two of the first RIPE meeting I went to many years ago.

Interesting questions were asked. I may blog some of them.


Daniel Karrenberg and RIPE Atlas

Daniel Karrenberg shows an animation related to RIPE Atlas, RIPE’s new active measurement project using USB-powered dongles scattered around the Internet.

Video by jsq at RIPE 61 in Rome, Italy, 15 Nov 2010. His slides, the RIPE Atlas home page, and the conference will put up video of all the talks within about a day.


PS: My talk is 11AM Rome time tomorrow, Tuesday 16 Nov.