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Preston Padden @ TPRC 41

Not your typical TPRC speaker. His heroes include “risk takers” Rupert Murdoch and Pat Buchanan, but not Ted Turner. Netflix was not mentioned. I was the first (but not the last) to stand up to question what he said.

His heroes include risk takers Rupert Murdoch and Pat Buchanan, but not Ted Turner. Netflix was not mentioned.
Picture by John S. Quarterman, 27 September 2013.


Syria and Yemen: 29 November 2012

At 10:30 AM GMT yesterday, 29 November 2012, routing to Yemen suddenly changed from London to Dubai through FLAG to New York to Dubai through ETISALAT, as shown in the animation here and detailed in the PerilWatch from InternetPerils. That timing closely matched the 10:26 AM GMT Syrian disconnect time reported by Renesys. This is very reminiscent of Mubarak disconnecting Egypt 22:30 GMT 20 January 2011. This tactic didn’t help Mubarak’s regime in Egypt, and it probably won’t help Assad’s regime in Syria; rather the opposite: people don’t like their Internet being turned off. And it tends to cause the international community to rally around the rebels.


eHealth Ontario tops worldwide medical spammers SpamRankings.net

Joining the festival of the Festi botnet, eHealth Ontario’s AS 21992 SSHA-ONE-ASN made #1 in the July 2012 worldwide medical spam SpamRankings.net from CBL data, the first Canadian organization to do that. The same ASN did make #2 back in November 2011 and #5 in June 2011.

Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 2012
Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul
9 7 41 5 6 41 6 5 2 7 41 43 42 41 41 6 1

The blue dotted line indicates spam from Festi, which, as you can see, tracks pretty closely with total spam seen from AS 21992.

eHealth Ontario infested by Festi botnet

Is it a Festi epidemic?