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Reputation as Public Policy for Internet Security @ TPRC 2012

Saturday I presented Reputation as Public Policy for Internet Security Cover at the 40th Telecommunications Research Policy Conference (TPRC) hosted by George Mason University School of Law, Arlington, VA. Attendees seemed to appreciate our efforts to deal with heteroskedasticity with a wild cluster bootstrap-t procedure. The presentation, along with the abstract and the paper, are available from the SpamRankings.net website.

Blog readers will notice the TPRC presentation excerpted Festi Up Grum botnet is staging a comeback and extended Festi botnet infesting the world, July 2012 as well as making use of the numerous medical posts, while attempting to pull that and other material together in aid of motivating and describing the intended field experiments and their potential policy implications. As Prof. Andrew B. Whinston said to Network World a couple of months ago:

We’re not trying to solve the spam issue. We’re trying to deal with the broader issue of whether companies should publicly report security issues.