Boutique Wildfire Insurance

aigtrucks.jpg Of course it’s AIG offering this:

In 2005 the loss prevention experts at AIG Private Client Group created the first-ever personal wildfire protection program. This groundbreaking service is available exclusively to AIG Private Client Group policyholders who reside in designated response zones in the western U.S.

Wildfire Protection Unit®, Exclusively for AIG Private Client Group Policyholders, AIG Private Client Group, accessed 9 October 2007

If you guessed that Aspen and Vail were among the designated response zones, you guessed correctly! And Los Altos and Beverly Hills. Good old AIG: charge what the traffic will bear and see if there’s a market.

They have a similar hurricane protection unit.

Who says you can’t get hurricane insurance on the coast of Florida? You just have to pay enough! Long Island, too!

While you’re at it, you can insure your private art collection, your wine cellar, your antique furniture, your rare books, and of course your jewelry.

While the good citizens of Hinckley, Minnesota wouldn’t have been able to afford such insurance even if it had been available in 1894, and I don’t see anything in AIG’s materials about planning developments so they aren’t in fire-prone areas in the first place or about sustainable forestry so the woods won’t burn up the houses, it’s still a sight to behold that capitalism can produce such products.


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