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POTS is Dead! Long Live the ILECs?

Chandler Howell remarks:

POTS is dead, it’s just being kept on life support by the SBC’s, AT&T’s and BellSouths of the world until they figure out how to extend their monopoly rents up the IP stack past the wire.

This is in a blog entry about John Robb’s essay that proposes that parallel communications networks for first responders may spread as more general wireless networks, thus subverting the Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC) gerontocracy. John Robb is no stranger to networks, having spent some years as COO of a successful network monitoring fim. He is normally so realistic in using network science to explain terrorist activities that he may appear the be the most Casandra of pessimists, so it was a little surprising when I earlier encountered his prediction.

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