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Ogee pushed iWeb and Canada up SpamRankings.net in March 2012

AS 32613 IWEB-AS was far ahead of the Canadian spamming pack in the March 2012 SpamRankings.net. iWeb improved a lot towards the end of the month, but will it stay improved? AS 14366 MTNCABLE plateaued early, dropped, then took first at the end of the month. Could they have the same problem?

Why yes, both iWeb and MTNCABLE appear to be infested by Ogee snowshoe spamming.

This problem is bad enough that Canada rose from country #46 in January to #34 in February and #25 in March. You can’t see that on the countries top 10, like you can for the U.S., which snowshoe spamming pushed to #1 worldwide in March, but internally SpamRankings.net keeps track of rankings of all countries worldwide, and indeed Canada went form #46 in January to #25 in March.