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Partly Right

I agree with much of this blog post:

More specifically, Verizon’s chief congressional lobbyist Peter Davidson was reported to have warned that the financial services industry "better not start moaning in the future about a lack of sophisticated data links they need" if Net neutrality laws were passed. In such a case, the communications industry may not invest in new networks.

Davidson’s got it half-right. Service providers should be able to charge more for better connections. It’s the only way you and I are ever going to see VoIP connections that work well all the time.

Verizon’s Half-Truths About Net Neutrality by Dave Greenfield, networkingpipeline, May 09, 2006

As I’ve said before, I have no objection to an HOV lane, where certain classes of service would get faster access; we already have those; users and servers can buy various speeds of access, and companies such as Akamai make a business out of picking the fastest routes.

But the telcos need to provide a further guarantee, so we don’t end up back in the days of trading guns for modems.

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