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Adeox or Tamer

Here’s why we didn’t list a website for AS 42055 TAMER the March SpamRankings.net for TR Turkey from CBL data. Various Autonomous System analysis sites, such as TCPIPUtils.com list numerous domains for this AS: which domain is the main one? Hurricane Electric provides a graphical representation of which other ASNs route to AS 42055, and RobTex provides a graph with AS names as well as numbers. And RobTex provides a couple of clues:

WARNING! 1% (1/100) of the sites on ADEOX Dummy description for (as42055) is pornographic or otherwise sensitive content!

The first clue is that the main organizational name may be Adeox. The second clue is the content warning.

Google warns everyone away:

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NANOG: The Impacts of Adding Undersea Capacity to East Africa

Keven Chege of KENET at NANOG 50 talked about rapid deployment of cable for Internet use throughout east Africa, despite vandalism including copper theft and sabotage by competing ISPs. Many national research and eduction networks (NRENs) at least planned in the area. KENET in Kenya has “Made the big leap from VSAT to fiber” and is helping coordinate the region; slides include proposed regional mesh map. Also talking to google and Akamai.

Akamai guy stood up immediately afterwards and said he hear KENET was talking to google and asked that they should talk to Akamai as well.