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Snowshoe took all top 7 in May U.S. CBL SpamRankings.net

Snowshoe appeared to have been the source for spam from all of the top seven spamming organizations in the May 2012 top 10 SpamRankings.net for the U.S. from CBL data. Only 3 were traditional ISPs (two cable companies, Comcast and Charter, plus Global Crossing). Snowshoe spam accounted for all but about 5% of spam from the U.S. top 10. And we already knew snowshoe is not just for hosting companies anymore.

At what point is snowshoe spam no longer a temporary black swan phenomenon, and becomes a prevailing trend?


Ogee snowshoe: black swan or new strategy? SpamRankings.net

A week ago you may recall most of March’s crop of Ogee spamming ASNs had subsided. Yet there were some contenders coming up from the bottom right corner of the graph.

Some correspondents say snowshoe spamming such as Ogee is a black swan, unanticipated and short-lived. I say it may be a change in strategy. Others say the actual spam coming out of Ogee is not the same campaigns as we’ve seen from botnets, so spammers are not moving over. To which I say: yet. And if snowshoe spam is big enough to change worldwide SpamRankings.net, and if it continues, that’s a strategy change. We’ll see how all that goes.

Meanwhile, what’s happened in the last week or two?

Top 10 ASNs showing Ogee spam 2012-03-01 to 2012-04-25, SpamRankings.net.

A few of those contenders were just flashes in the pan. But others are still spamming increasingly more.