Kelihos rampage in October 2012

What's the Kelihos rampage mentioned in the October 2012 World CBL October 2012 It's a few IP addresses sending hundreds of thousands and even millions of spam messages a day. It seems to be associated with Kelihos botnet.

Those few addresses spewed so much spam they pushed entire countries, October 2012 Countries CBL The Kelihos rampage pushed many countries, including France France, Germany Germany, Hong Kong Hong Kong, Thailand Thailand, Canada Canada, Hungary Hungary, Belarus Belarus, Paraguay Paraguay, Singapore Singapore(!), and Mexico Mexico, to the top of the countries ranking.

Should we rank an ASN at the top of the world because of only a few addresses? We considered that at some length, but in the end it's no different from what's been going on with the medical rankings for a long time, except on larger scales (all ASNs, and many more messages from a few addresses).

These rankings don't mean the affected organizations aren't vigilant. They do seem to mean those organizations have an infestation they need to deal with.