Smashing Hornets

wasp nest on window Fox News discovers hammering wasps:

If you get stung by a hornet, it makes sense to see if there’s a hornets’ nest near your home and, if there is, to exterminate it. It doesn’t make sense to forge out looking for hornets’ nests anywhere you can find them, smacking them with sticks. You’re bound to get stung again.

Straight Talk: Paul Has a Point, By Radley Balko, FOXNEWS.COM, Monday, May 21, 2007

Well, in an online op-ed, at least.

They even have a corollary:

It also makes sense to see if there’s something you’re doing that’s attracting hornets, like perhaps storing perfume by a window. None of this suggests you de served to be stung; it only means you’re rationally looking at what caused you to be stung in the first place and trying to prevent it from happening again.

Examine the situation for purposes of prevention? Sounds like risk management to me.