jetBlue Renewed

I have to admit I didn’t even know jetBlue had been having some problems until I got an apology from them in my electronic mail. I fly them from time to time, and apparently they sent the apology to every customer.
How would you respond to a week-long fiasco of international media scrutiny and criticism following a highly publicized episode of your intolerable treatment of customers, especially if your company was founded on a pledge of superior customer service?

Recovering from a Crisis: Jet Blue Gets It Right, Jon Harmon, Force for Good, 20 Feb 2007

I suppose they could have tried censoring and suing, as some other companies and trade organizations have done.

Or they could do something better.

If your company is Jet Blue Airlines, you apologize repeatedly, offer generous amends to your victimized customers, feature your CEO as the spokesperson taking the blame and the responsibility to fix what went wrong, communicate clearly with simple, short messages … and then take advantage of the media spotlight by recommitting to lead your industry in customer service.
It’s like the community is the brand, and engaging the community is good risk management.