Telephone Monoculture Considered Harmful

Kevin Hogan of Symantec says:
“If Windows CE is taken up in a big way in a large market we may see some increased malware activity,” he warned.

“There is not a lot of functionality built in that will stop attacks on that platform, so there could be a problem if it takes off. As for other operating systems there has been very little new activity.”

Windows use could boost mobile malware Increasing use of Windows CE could leave mobile users vulnerable, Iain Thomson, 15 Nov 2006

Hogan says that currently there are only a couple of exploits in use on mobile phones, and those are mostly propagated by script kiddies. With Windows on phones, the number of exploits is likely to rise, and the perpetrators are likely to become criminals in it for the money.

Extending monoculture from an already too-large field to an even larger one doesn’t make anyone safer.


PS: Thanks to Dan Geer.