Piracy is as Piracy Does

Interesting note here about how the MPAA is blaming piracy for 9% less revenues last year. Why is it always piracy? maybe Lucas is right; maybe the era of the blockbuster is over. If so, blaming the customers for demonstrating a market need for something else delivered differently won’t solve the motion picture industry’s malaise.

Me, I did go see Peter Jackson’s blockbusters, but precious few others. There are good Hollywood films out there. I saw Crash twice: once on an airplane and once on a DVD I bought. I never considered going to a movie theater to see it. Why put up with talkative audience, overpriced drinks, and the possibility of being arrested for carrying a cell phone that can record movies?

The Internet is not the problem with movies. The big risk the motion picture industry is facing is in sticking too long with a business model that is outdated.