Macs Become Even More Secure

Usually I don’t read slashdot, but today I found on it a note saying that Microsoft is to cease support for Internet Explorer on the Macintosh at the end of 2005. I must agree with the slashdot poster that Macs will thus become even more secure. Even if most Mac users already use other browsers, every little bit helps.

Not only will Macs become inherently more secure, because not as many people will be using them to run one of the most exploit-attracting pieces of software out there, but software diversity will thereby be increased, thus increasing security for everyone.


2 thoughts on “Macs Become Even More Secure

  1. Chris_B

    Nice try but wrong. Ending the distribution of a piece of software with a low bug count that hasnt been updated in many moons does nothing to activly increase the security of OSX.
    IE for Mac never supported BHOs, ActiveX and was never tied into the OS nor did it run with system privilages. In short it never suffered any of the fundamental design problems of IE for W32 which have lead to so many security misfeatures.

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